What is the Nature Center ?
Nature Center was constructed by Nemuro city government, and it opened to the public in April 1995. Two technical experts station here, they research to protect wildlife and provide you useful information.

     We research ;
     changes of breeding avifauna at Eastern Hokkaido includes Shunkunitai.
     breeding ecology of Red-crowned Crane.
     distribution and abundance of water birds in Lake Huren.
Bird watching activity
     We sponsor bird watching events for people who wish to enjoy them.
You can see beautiful slide film program ''NIMUORO'' .
You can lent binoculars. It is free.
You can see the exhibition as the data of researches and the specimens of birds, insects etc.

Please feel free to ask them anytime. All the stuffs hope you to enjoy your visit. Thank you.
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Address  :

Tobai 103, Nemuro-shi, Hokkaido 086-0074, Japan

Telephone No. :

0153-25-3047(within Japan), 81-153-25-3047(overseas)

Facsimile  No. :

0153-25-8570(within Japan), 81-153-25-8570(overseas)