What is the Shunkunitai Wild Bird Sanctuary ?

Shunkunitai is known as a important habitat for birds and a quite famous bird-watching area throughout Japan. Shunkunitai is a long and narrow sandbank where has 8km in length and 1.3km in width. It is surrounded by the water and has various natural habitats as the stream, marsh, grassland and deciduous forest etc., therefore various species of birds, animals, insects and plants can live in here. About 250 species of birds have been recorded and endangered species as Red-crowned Cranes, White-tailed Eagles and Black Woodpeckers breed in Shunkunitai.

Spring... It has the number of species of birds more than other season. A lot of migrant birds come over from south-east Asia and Australia. You may be able to see over 60 species include rare birds as Oystercatchers (photo) and Chinese Egrets, in a day.

Summer... It is the most brilliant season in a year. The various flowers bloom all over in the grassland, Siberian Rubythroats (photo) and Reed Buntings sing there. You may be able to see a pair of Red-crowned Cranes with chicks, and Redshanks fly around as they sing, in the marsh.

Fall... It is the busiest season in a year. Lake Huren is filled with tens of thousands of swans (photo), ducks and geese. You may be able to see various species of waterbirds as Pintails, Brants, Plovers and Sandpipers.

Winter... It is the most silent season in a year. The land is covered all over with snow, and Lake Huren is iced over. You may be able to see cute birds as Snow Buntings and Buffleheads, and hundreds of Steller's Sea Eagles (photo) on the ice of Lake Huren.

  1. You had better bring repellent when you walk around in Shunkunitai. Because there are a lot of mosquitoes coming out from June to September.
  2. Shunkunitai is a special protection area. Please do not entry outside the trail and you can not carry out any lives from there.